Looking For Style In All The Right (Low-Cost) Places

 Where can you find a Chanel jacket for $10? Or a season’s worth of clothes for your little one for under $100? When it comes to high-end fashion that’s a steal, resale shops are quickly becoming mainstream with more than 25,000 of them around the country nowadays. Here are some tips for making the most of the budget options in your neck of the woods.

Do your research

It’s difficult to figure out if you’re getting the best deal without knowing the full retail price. Before heading out to the nearest resale shop, think about what you’re looking for and find out how much it typically costs. Even if it’s not the exact piece you’re interested in, it’s helpful to know how much something similar would sell for at retail. Since most (but not all) items at resale shops are gently used, prices should always be lower than usual. Depending on the condition of the item, you can get a high-priced piece at a fraction of the average cost.

Cut out the middleman

Resale shops are a great alternative to the big box brands—and that includes online stores. Thanks to the Internet, you can cut out the middleman by purchasing new or gently used items straight from the previous owners instead of through retailers. In addition to checking out popular sites like eBay, a growing number of fashion-conscious shoppers are heading to etsy.com, where you can purchase high-end and one-of-a-kind pieces from old pros and up-and-coming designers at lower prices. Many etsy.com sellers will also customize purchases when possible.

A little seasonality goes a long way

A sale on already chopped-down prices? Resale shops have it. Like many stores, secondhand shops have traditional sales that offer even deeper discounts on popular goods. The best time for the biggest savings is end of season, when winter and summer merchandise can be cut up to 90 percent off their original prices